Whatever you care to drink and eat, sunscreen and sunglasses for daytime fishing, sneakers for stealth and, stable footing and a good grip on the deck. Please bring your best jokes. It also never hurts to bring rain gear with you, but if it really starts to come down and there’s a threat of lightning in the distance we will hightail it to safety.

Your Peace of Mind

I’m a US Coast Guard Licensed and Insured Captain. Your safety is my priority. Foul weather such as lightning, rough seas, and heavy wind, I just don’t risk it, your safety is my utmost concern.

I also supply high quality fishing tackle, all the fishing licenses are included, memorable photos, a fully iced down large cooler to keep your drinks cool, plenty of dry storage, and we clean your fish and Captain Dave has a good sense of humor.

Charters are available from Sarasota County South to Charlotte County.  Multiple boats available for large parties.